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tv   [untitled]    February 25, 2011 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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lindsay lo and. behold the phrase is nothing people are suggesting she's a monster no she says she's a star. a . lead.
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it's time for tonight's big picture ron paul joining me on the panel jimmy weinstein erect a deputy editor of the daily caller a new shade hosain author activist and contributor to forbes woman and dan gaiter vice president at the business and media institute welcome to you all let's get started thanks and thank you governor scott walker's union busting proposal passed the wisconsin state assembly house in the wee hours of the morning will be one step closer to becoming the law of the land in that state so if walker is successful in busting up unions in this state how much longer until republicans succeed in their ultimate goal of destroying unions around the country and most destroying the largest funder of the democratic party and put into place one party billionaire rule in america. again get through ludicrous it's kind of hard to knew where to
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begin. i mean they're not trying to bust a you'd still be able to go straight out to end the union what they're trying to do is roll back some of the mess of union power that we've established unions will basically end up with the with the power to have a teacher come there's a reason why the unions are controlling basically the public sector because unions turn out voters in the primaries which means basically the bar operators for the democratic party which is why they they are just so powerful in this country should be our taxpayer dollars tartuffe. i just think it's absolutely ridiculous i mean unions are the backbone of america the backbone of democratic parties and i just think it's one more example of how republicans are using any opportunity they can to not be worth it if it ministration really critical anything that this administration wants to move for is there some truth to what the republicans say you know well they've got billionaires to fund. democrats by and large don't they get unions if you look at it as shepard smith on fox news
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a couple days ago you look at the top ten funders of the last political campaign some of them were billionaires or big corporations three were unions the three unions of course what is going to get rid of unions we're toast what exactly i think it's a really smart move on the republicans but you never know if you heard but the magician protesters over last week actually sent to the wisconsin protesters and i just think it's an example of how around the world we're seeing a thirst for people fighting for their rights and fighting for the democratic right the hope loses rush over the first ludicrous example of a human being compared to compare egypt which dictator in power for thirty years to what is going a little public and going very much only having like a dictator yes that's right and you need a dictator in a time when a democratic presence in power there really makes a lot of sense but what happened in wisconsin is that if you elect to be any movie first i'd like to prove it to you or i thought we're going to read the vitriolic language where we were comparing people to hitler i think that was the the problems that we have are the u.k. yeah ok well yes the man who should be. helicopters is his point you know but the
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fact is what scott walker is doing democratically elected in this state and what he was elected to do is trying to save his state from fiscal cliff and what we have seeing across the country is the case that we say give it away for what it will see only a dollar bill you know off of the country but it is tough governors like walker and christie case which taking what needs to be done which isn't always popular it's not there's not a long track record of people going against these kind of pensions and getting elected these are third. politics and they're doing it not because it's popular because it's necessary and that something is at a friday to the lowest common denominator and there's no possibility i'm assuming of discussion of tax there's no discretion you know because we don't really read people want to read i mean you can't have discussed with people who ones with other states are too cowardly to actually state i would say the republicans today for two years and as a citizen because they actually do. this and say my take on it is we largely already add billionaire rule in america and she's going to get worse until citizens united the supreme court gets overturned maybe the makeup of the citizens of the
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supreme court changes scott walker our next topic scott walker was punk's by an editor of the buffalo beast who was in his billionaire david koch this week now the sheriff in madison must have a chat with walker about some of the things he said i guess plan to plant rabble rousers in the union crowd to cause trouble so the question is what will happen to walker now that he's been exposed as a corrupt politician and why do you have to be a billionaire to be able to chat with the guy and the rest of the g.o.p. for that matter genius i mean i saw him take his australian because barack obama has never had a union boss like andy stern in his oval office so we know what he had him more than anyone else he would never make up he's probably who are playing with words he would never see would never pick up the phone from warren buffett supporter you know what i bet he would he would never have said he would and so would i so the idea that he picks up a phone of a big industrialist a man who has you know many ideas to discuss it is there so i stay discuss that matter is not revolutionary barack obama meets with wealthy business people all the
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time and i don't think it's a top of the water wouldn't talk with any of the democrats there in that barton is going to say sheen with his so-called coke was there was only one democrat that he would talk to because he thought he could win a political i mean i think it was clear that he democrats were willing to negotiate with him now i'm sure he would be actually willing to talk to them he already did not give any leads that they would tell him his location in the illinois i'm sure he would be he would go there or they could come back and maybe talk would be great but they're out in the shitter. so. thoughts on this it's no i mean i think it was really you larry and i think it speaks volumes to show that this man actually found this congressman hunter convincing in some he was somebody else and he goes to show exactly where the republicans interests are and it also goes to show that they have absolutely no intention in working with their democratic colleagues then the party billionaires it's ridiculous you know if somebody called you were someone named george soros called the white house he'd get through to the thing is the thing that is not getting right what you're saying
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david david koch called the one who has to get through this is this is is this part of the problem america the billionaires all are now as we point when he was walker did you know all this talk that he is co-sponsored of all you friends of terms of the left keeps you because we don't know how to pronounce the word coke you know all those terms he didn't know that's the that's the beginning and end of the story and he would only on it when he was doing a job interview and. everybody everybody is trying to get business interests in their state so they have jobs we have nine percent unemployment and everybody on the left and the right think that's a bogus lee no number sure it's so so he's trying to boost the business use of a state that's giving money to. a situation from which or what why would you want the democrats to negotiate with walker what he is but i thought you want the protesters overthrow the great. i refer you to my previous answer that billionaires are consolidating power in this country buying off politicians funding so-called them takes to promote their business interests and keep their taxes down i just
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called me a skeptic in new york and in philadelphia in philadelphia this week two separate fires killed three people including two children firefighters in both cities are now suggesting the budget cuts that closed fire stations down may be to blame for those deaths right now tax rates in the country are at their lowest in fifty years especially tax rates for the rich and corporate tax payments which were around thirty percent of total federal income during the eisenhower administration are now less than seven percent of total income so income. to balancing the budget should we raise taxes on billionaires and profitable corporations like exxon mobil most profitable corporation history of the planet going back to the roman empire that paid no us taxes last year first before cutting critical of urgency services that lead to dying children they s. another one of the first. budget cuts somebody's going to say somewhere this person died this thing happened it doesn't mean it's true it just makes you keep talking point you know you can't have only really government which is what really we have
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in this country. the national budget federal budget is almost twice what it was with the dolphins so we've already had it just over a long increase in spending the look at what the terrorists are the debt i mean. just some of the actual budget but three point seven trillion. dollars from nine point seven trillion dollars of that was run up by three republican presidents and you guys were actually not saying a word about us when republicans i said things we talk i said things about bush we spent too much democrats didn't hold him in check you know how it's going to be much and then the democrats are going to spend more time because you question why do you want to keep the status quo that's going to kill children down the road many more children as we can't fund those services because we're bankrupt i want to tax the billionaires and billionaires the corporations the way we did during the eisenhower administration so that we can build infrastructure like we could do it i don't see it going to grow that we are just cutting emergency services i mean what you're seeing is the republicans taking every single opportunity they have to make
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really any and every issue about abortion we saw them not because they're all funding for planned parenthood federation but we're also seeing them take the battle on to the international level they have zeroed out the need for the united nations population fund for unicef p.a. let's go up the house republicans are really about abortion it's the mother of all the legislation and regulations it's interesting that it's with the whole social agenda it's as long as the billionaires control the public dialogue can overwhelm the media with their messages from paid bloggers and we're seeing in a minute it's. incredible to millions of political ads kids will die right billionaires won't fight their politicians out to play golf more on role after the break stick around. for flimsy lo and. behold the preaching about using women that's nothing people are suggesting she's hot poker no she says she's
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a star. welcome back to the rumble here with me jamie weinstein deputy editor of the daily caller
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a new shade hussein author activist and contributor to forbes one and dan gainor vice president of business and media and stick ok let's get back to it one georgia republican state lawmaker wants to force women who've had a miscarriage to prove to the government that was caused by natural circumstances this is just one week after republicans the u.s. congress continue the war against planned parenthood by defunding that program so what's the next g.o.p. proposal targeting women are they going to force women to have pregnancy tests every thirty days just to make sure nobody slips through and has a miscarriage at home it doesn't get noticed this is exactly what i was saying it's another example of republicans taking any opportunity to have to make every single thing about abortion and now we're saying republicans try to give people more rights than women i mean our fetus is more human than women are this is what's the deal with big obviously haters who want government in our bedroom this isn't just going to be very short miscarriages is just because they want to investigate a crime it's occurring inside your uterus this is like an imaginary issue this is
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one guy down in georgia who proposes kind of loony bills all the time as if this is just going to go to measure it without any kowtow to see if this is this is about in fact that he will reach out and he was required to ration fighters and now we're seeing bringing a truce on social issues during this election working is hardly the number one they're given a nose job and they're going to try to this is going to be able to help because i think that everybody that i work is it is you know as you just don't know dan just made the point in south dakota they just they just knock down a lot i mean this was a serious proposal theory made it legal to murder and washington and they believe the target of the words are you buying. the comments that they've made about the world no i didn't see that and the case in georgia he no longer is no more speaks for the g.o.p. of conservatives then he the woman speaks for them when he calls and sean marketing mash up a good beat with lipstick so you are hearing your own words you are usually a very similar numbers already you know army type of approach and right so let's talk about maybe the key to. the course and dr who is now charged with
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murder different people one of seven children who are listening to charges of murder and i don't this is. only your and your misuse do you want to explain paranoia as it is illegal in america what the republicans need to remember is we already have title ten we already have the hyde amendment we need to federal funds cannot go towards abortion activities when we need to do is ok and there you go around million this is not what planet this is this is not what the national debate is about. everybody else and they're making it about i've already consulted with conservative religious leaders on this issue they say the bible is the infallible word of god and in paul's letter to corinthians he says any woman who prays should wear a veil burkas are next. anyway the price of oil is increasing one hundred twelve dollars a week because of unrest in libya of course this works so well for the g.o.p. after all high oil prices mean higher profits for their big polluting oil buddies will hand over fatter campaign contributions back to them plus it will hurt the con economy which republicans and then blaming obama so the g.o.p.
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had a difficult time hiding their excitement or are they worried that the price of well may get to make renewable energy more dream i'm just wondering when would the sun was going to debunk this story about this this palm oil saudi nexus to keep the price of oil high like they did during the bush administration when the when the price of oil went up it was because of that supposedly because there's evil connector going to saudi arabia bush you saw the front page of the financial times becomes the rescue basically they're opening the spigot straight up to the idea that when prices rise there is something to do with an evil connected with the president only seem to be something that. and during the bush administration are not going to vomit ministration factories there's turmoil in the middle east crisis of oil have risen as you said there is one decent side effect of that and that is that more incentive is given to find a way to have a new ball of energy resources i'm impressed and i think it's time that you know nobody ever seems to me is concerned about what's going on in the middle east until the average american until you know oil and gas prices start rising and we really
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start this week and i just think that. i think maybe it's time for the u.s. to tap into their emergency sources you know the currency sorts of drilling and work through the coast which broke a bone and not let us which which is the reason why they're just going to gas in the way over my light is like over you know in the as you were over here three forty nine because we've known really in this country we have coal around supposed to pollute not supposed to michael we won't build nuclear power plants we won't even build windmills and now the left is going to have to make a run at solar power we're not supposed to have energy i mean supposed to have solar for years over seven hundred thirty years if you said it was years ago this is a. year when you start saying we'll take a decade because if you started when that would be would not be a decade from now if you if you start. decade will go quickly pulling no more carbon and throwing it in the atmosphere. as leaders ocean i believe it all i believe i believe you have to get our resources we have to tap every resource we have and also hope that we have to produce better integrated snowmageddon is right now we're having we're having weather circumstances we've never seen before that's
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been saturday that's sort of the center national oceanographic research and so that's not science not this week i mean the journal came out and said this is this is absolutely it was it is not it's nailed down this is this is the one we will leave that it benefits from this in my opinion the oil guys to cheney to bush they don't care about the politics they make a fortune every year no matter what and then invest part of their fortune in their politicians frankly in both parties to keep themselves getting richer and richer and stopping in tennessee a republican say low. maker wants to make the practice of sharia law a politician will buy it to fifteen years and it will claims that any adherents to shari'a law which includes religious practices like washington daily prayers is treason so is the g.o.p. suffering from paranoid delusions and didn't jesus wash the feet of his disciples yes he did but i don't believe what he's trying to go after i think we all sort of talk about the shari'a law in the instituted in europe is already causing problems
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when he's trying to his head off is what i'm trying to do i am hoping that you actually understand how sharia law is being used in europe it's basically the virtually the same the exact same thing as in the catholic church when a couple has a problem or a crisis and they come in and they say ok what are the catholic rules for this. news are you going to. courts in europe do not have any legal power but there are failing our faith and that's the same thing that's my point this is the thing with the church and you constrain society you know i mean it's the same thing with polygamy you construe not talking to the polygamy who are the only ones you know you talk about we had some force in europe and other places in the world is really enjoy as a society should you pass how i see the dissidents our society is also the source of this too there's two issues one is that issue real are going to come to america you know it's not a large scale in a legalized way but in europe there are sections of control we bed that have
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immigrants living where they have been forced their own versions of sharia law were stoning has seemed to be have happened but it's there is it was people here i need to absolutely but sometimes it is a lot of your younger you and i really i don't see why do we need a log in sure i don't think you're going to be going through another do you think you should just use it out here. that i think it's not a g.o.p. tactic that spread fear and spread it's not appropriate but is that the united states has its own nice to realize not going to interfere with that i think you just mentioning it to people just scares the population i think is right here in part those are true the fact that we do have issues with radical islam in this country we keep having people arrested and some of the only have all that is as if i didn't. why the next one is exactly why it why have twenty states proposals on the books or in some cases even laws banning something that we that jaimie you say it's never going to happen here if they don't i don't these are serious concerns of the larger world needs to do educational build up i think it's designed it's got national to get people to talk about the problems we have here are people really freaked out over nookie they don't really have realised we're stone we already have laws being instituted places in the middle east. from some of the readers for us to
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know their perspective terrorists and texts again so far nothing to do with what he has to do with the problem radical islam and i think that's what he's trying to raise the issue for. radicalize here because i mean if we start driving iraq on their own commands the military view of where we disagree that's ridiculous the iraq dropping bombs is not what a radical i am going to try to block him but they do try to build a party where the trouble estimate basis century groups are that that's the reason why we went to the lake why is it why didn't i believe that drug was because we tried to help push it so i'm adequate we were we were in afghanistan before we were going to hurt levinson here but why did they pick up the towers. because osama bin laden wanted to go from a little small time fog with maybe twenty thousand followers to be to be shot dropping him as would you say dropping about why do you think it is not just ok it's actually true that it's not it's a really hard with regard to israel actually i'm frankly a little more worried about christian and jewish law both exodus and deuteronomy
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the source of the ten commandments say explicitly that a boy who speaks up against his father should be stoned to death and my son is kind but he the christian republicans going to force me to follow question what i'm concerned final question as we mentioned earlier scott walker was prank call this week but he's not the first republican politician to suffer from the sort of embarrassment i think we all remember nicole nicolas sarkozy who's nailing pailin prank against are appealing to doesn't it question is who's going to be the next prominent republican quite a going back receiving a phone call from the muslim brotherhood inviting him for their secret socialist takeover of europe. the rand paul received a call from the n.w. c p s can you be the keynote speaker at their next conference or see michelle bachmann receiving a call from gerber's as her to be the next spokeswoman for their free press pound people a promotion. chain oh i'm not a mind reader i can't i can't say. i said none of the above none of it was going to be i think it's going to be noted above but i think of. getting her dream
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paula to join dancing with the stars interesting for a couple but i think it would be i think that people really get down to the people who are all working for george soros and are going to be out there protesting tomorrow in fact i think around the country if you find out organising operation i thought it was a grassroots organization just you were talking about rule billionaires the left it's clear clean up its own house first lady well actually i think the answer is and it's going to be john boehner who's recently prank called by his tanning salon takeover. you hello speaker boehner on call from capitol hill tends to let you know the unfortunately with this continuing on very frequent candidates come from. jamie weinstein and their show hussein dan gainor thank you all for everybody do appreciate.
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the providence rhode island school board just sent out terminations letters to two thousand teachers in that city essentially telling them that they could lose their job before the next school year this is the latest attack on teachers around our nation as states struggle balance their budgets following three decades of tax cuts for the very rich but are teachers really the problem when it comes to budget deficits are they the ones who are overpaid real. back in two thousand and nine the american people were outraged three months earlier they just handed over seven hundred billion dollars to wall street at the behest of president george w. bush and former goldman sachs c.e.o. then secretary treasury and folsom who warned that if the taxpayers didn't pay up our economy would collapse the market had frankly already tanked taking with many
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of the state's pension funds and other investments creating huge budget crises and persisted this day bill a few months after one firm on wall street i.g. the firm cash their check from us taxpayers they turned around and paid their traders over one hundred sixty five million dollars in bonuses and they in turn then bailed out goldman sachs and poles and old firm to the tune of over thirty billion dollars. was on the verge of bankruptcy just a few months earlier but after the cash infusion they suddenly had enough money to pay thousands of their employees people who crashed the system millions of dollars needless to say a lot of people were upset so democrats had an idea confront what they saw as a clear waste of taxpayer funds they proposed a bill in congress and it went through the house of representatives they would assess a ninety percent tax on all bonuses paid out to banks stores who earned more than a quarter million bucks a year to discourage the banks from just taking our money and put it in their
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pockets and a judge perfectly with the mood in america at the time it was the right thing to do well more than half of the republicans in congress more than half disagree and voted against the bill and even though they were claiming at the same time that our nation was broke they voted against the bill so lacking a law that said they couldn't just give our men into it to themselves these very same banks there's row bonus checks to themselves for over a thousand million a billion of your dollars. so now let's fast forward two years of today states are facing budget deficits because of an economic disaster caused by the very same banks who got bailed out and paid themselves bassam bonuses but unlike two years ago republicans today do think that someone is overpaid and let me give you a hint they're not talking about the banks there's a target of teachers from chris christie in new jersey john case that you know the scott khadafi says the walker in wisconsin republican governors are going after
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teachers claiming they've been paid too much that they've lived off the gravy train for too long that it's time to cut back and these governors have the support of republicans in congress like speaker of the house john boehner two years ago better voted against cutting bank executives bonuses today he supports cutting teachers' salaries as republican chris christie the governor of new jersey talking about it to a teacher in his state. he would. say let me hear you and you're. right. i can see the need for my education and you're not compensating me for my experience that well you know what then you don't have to do it. then you don't have to do it and who's going to do it governor and here's scott walker earlier this week on public employees and teachers. it's time for us to balance the budget one of the best ways we can do it is tackling these public employee wage and
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benefit issues and for us we're asking for something that is bold politically no doubt about it any time you chose to say this quote it's going to be bold as we've seen in this past week but bustin unions isn't all that bold if you're republican governor but on my show this week i had a reporter from the conservative website the daily caller who wrote a piece claiming that teachers make more money than they're letting on. take a look at what he had to say. how much should he make. cuts are for me to decide but the point is that people why should he why should he not have to pay for his benefits when the rest of the country does is he special because he's a teacher a company is broke in wisconsin they can't afford to give these kind of benefits to teachers anymore let's say the public sector employees so this is the message this coming from the right we simply can't afford to pay teachers a middle class salary anymore so who do you think has to pay too much the wall street executives who got bailed out and paid them selves of billions of dollars are the average teacher wisconsin who takes home forty five thousand
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a year plus health care and a pension which one of these people can the american people no longer afford to support with their tax dollars but wall street executives and major republican donors who gambled with our money and swindle our nation into a depression are the teachers in wisconsin minor but not irrelevant democratic donors who educate thousands of our children and prep them for jobs in the future it's pretty obvious stuff folks i mean out of all that the average teacher with his or her salary of forty five grand is paying a tax rate of around twenty five percent plus around thirteen percent in social security taxes yet most of the wall street banks there's got a special break in the bush tax cuts so while the average income for the top fund hedge fund managers and wall street is two billion a year is guys only pay a tax and income tax of fifteen percent and are less than one percent social security taxes so who should be making the sacrifices in this time of school and certainly the republicans have made their choice it's time for the rest of us to make ours let's stand up for our teachers or cops or firefighters or janitors and
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working people all across the nation and put an end to this economy out of the rich by the by the rich roll back the reagan tax cuts and don't forget democracy begins with your it get out there get act as you. plug. plug. plug. live. live. bringing you the latest in science and technology from around the brush. we've done a few jerks covered.


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